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Waltz - Ferdinando Carulli

Just a quick post here to embed a couple of recordings of the same piece. This first recording was made last June (2009) when I was trying to see how I really sounded to someone in front of the sound hole on my guitar.

What did I learn? That I either sound awful, a Nokia 5300 is not a good recording device, or both.

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GPG Keys

All of my OpenPGP/GnuPG/GPG/PGP keys, including current, expired, and revoked keys.

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Not Standing in Election, Future Purpose of Site

After a fair bit of deliberation I've decided not to stand in the election. It's too much hassle for me right now to deal with paperwork and online campaigning.

What I really ought to do is focus on getting diagnoses for my medical conditions so that I at least have medical evidence to support a new DLA claim. The reason I'm not getting what I should be entitled to is most likely because there is no clinical diagnosis, and the problems I have are unlikely to be recorded on my medical record because of my distrust of those in authority.

So, what will I do with this website?

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Why The English Democrats and not Independent?

As I was going through the policies of the parties standing in Watford, I found myself thinking 'isn't there any party I agree with 100%?' That's when I wondered if I was the only person I was truly confident in voting for to represent my views.

I looked at The English Democrats Manifesto and saw a lot of things that I agreed with including referenda for withdrawal from the EU and a devolved English Parliament.

That isn't to say I agree with the English Democrats Manifesto 100% on all issues, and I will detail where my views differ (and my views on controversial topics) in separate articles.

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