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The best place to find internal site links is in the complete sitemap.

John Cook

A selection of links to other places on the Internet you can find me and/or my content.

All of my comments on external sites are dual-licensed - under a CC-by-NC-ND license, plus any license I agree to when posting on the site; if those comments also appear on this website they are also licensed under a CC-by-SA license unless otherwise specified.

The eventual aim is to include all external content I have created into this website. Until then, John Cook UK will be the top level of my internet presence, and the content at the below links are a couple of sub-levels below that.


  • - My main twitter profile.
  • - Twitter account for network issues and planned outages.
  • - Twitter account for network issues and planned outages on the local area network (LAN).
  • - My supplemental twitter profile, not yet in use.


I'm not currently going through a music-playing phase, and haven't recorded anything in a while.

Daily Mail

When my comments do make it past the censors (even my comments on "unmoderated" news stories appear to be pre-moderated), they can be found on my profile page.


I don't really use reddit, although I have made a couple of comments on there.


Programming contributions and (possibly in the future) my own git repositories.


Although one might consider it odd that Youtube is so far down this list, the fact is that Google+ commenting and the annoying "change your profile name!" popups mean I no longer consider Youtube a place for my content.


It has been a long time since I have made any big edits to Wikipedia.

These days I rarely login if I am making a minor edit.

General Election 2010

Before deciding not to stand in the 2010 General Election, there were several parties that I considered but none of their manifestos were congruent with all my views.

English Democrats

The English Democrats were one such party.

Jury Team

The Jury Team were another such party.