Not Standing in Election, Future Purpose of Site

After a fair bit of deliberation I've decided not to stand in the election. It's too much hassle for me right now to deal with paperwork and online campaigning.

What I really ought to do is focus on getting diagnoses for my medical conditions so that I at least have medical evidence to support a new DLA claim. The reason I'm not getting what I should be entitled to is most likely because there is no clinical diagnosis, and the problems I have are unlikely to be recorded on my medical record because of my distrust of those in authority.

So, what will I do with this website?

I have 4 blogs on this server, another website that is hand-coded, plus this one which was originally intended for an online "WatfordJC believes in..." election campaign (or more simply: this is what my views are, vote for me if you trust I'm being honest).

Before I thought about standing as an MP, my online persona was watfordjc (most commonly used until I had trouble with 1&1 over the domain) and elsewhere TheJC and JAWC (Wikipedia, IRC, inter alia).

Well, my first thought was to get rid of the other sites and move everything over to the one site, but then I hit a problem - a CMS is not particularly useful for blogs. Since I have 4 blogs and they have specific purposes, what might be better is for this site to be a central hub pulling entries my blogs and publicly posted Facebook and Youtube stuff (if that's possible) into one place.

I've just looked at the administration panel of my blogs and noticed comments have been left going back to December (admittedly I also have unattended e-mails going back that far too). What I need is to coordinate my entire online presence so that it is less work and everything is accessible from one place, although I've not got a clue how I'd achieve that.

None of my sites allow automatic publishing of comments nor user registration, and neither PHP-Fusion nor B2evolution have extensions for Facebook Connect, so if I want to use that for a login system I'll have to code the extensions myself.

Need to come up with a plan, make some decisions, do the necessary work, and then implement it. At least I can't be said to be hiding behind my online handles 'TheJC' and 'WatfordJC' any more - 3rd Google link for TheJC is my Wikipedia user page and WatfordJC's results are almost entirely things I've written (with the exception of a Watford FC supporter who uses the alias WatfordJC on a couple of footie forums). Hence one of the reasons for re-registering on Christmas Day... I usually post stuff online under the alias watfordjc so why not register and use it for something?