Digital Economy Act and British Empire Mark II

American Revolution? Independence? Yeah right, the UK's Secretary of State will soon have the power to block USA websites (s)he doesn't like.

American Revolution? Independence? Yeah right, the UK's Secretary of State will soon have the power to block USA websites (s)he doesn't like by saying they won't take down copyrighted material, even if they are being used under USA Fair Use laws. America, comply with UK laws or we'll cut you off. Canada, better do what they say. Britain wants the world, so join the Empire and adopt our laws or we'll disconnect you.

And with the entertainment industry pushing the Government to create a Great Firewall of Great Britain to tackle piracy, it would only take a few votes by our dictators to extend the scope and censor sites it doesn't like.

On the plus side, at least we're moving towards being able to choose to join China and N/S Korea in WW3 instead of Western countries because we can say we know how important it is for State Censorship and telling citizens what questions are allowed to be asked.

And with the reserve powers available for the Government to take over the UK domain registries from Nominet, ICANN may soon get a request from the UK Government for the .gb TLD to be put back in use, solely for citizens of countries in the Great British Empire mk II.

Thankfully, the entertainment industry has set us on a technological path where those in charge of the country can make changes later and prevent access to the music and movie industries websites, and those of their artists, for not taking down material the Government doesn't like.

Thinking of writing a song against the Government? Soon the Internet and Big Music will not be viable distribution channels. Oh, and forget about pirate radio or smaller stations, after 2015 it will be illegal to broadcast on FM/AM at all and it wouldn't take much Government pressure on OFCOM for digital stations to be wary of playing something that might cause them to lose their license.

And don't forget, you need a license to perform your own music to a group of people now, and I'm sure most venues with their own music performance licenses wouldn't want to chance losing live music by letting some anti-Government lyrics be heard by someone that finds it offensive on behalf of the Government so shops them.

Now all we need to do is make the Navy take our subs and sever the underwater cables to countries that don't comply with what our Government thinks the laws of the World should be, tell countries to sever their neighbouring countries links to the internet backbone or the Army will take care of it, and for us to use the RAF to bomb data centres around the world hosting sites against the British Empire.

Of course, we may need to get rid of the monarchy before we're able to do that, but we can always say the Royal Family is a department that needs to be cut to save money. We'll still make money from tourism even if we scrap tradition and have actors do the roles of, for example, beefeaters.

And with a man in charge of constitutional reform wanting to remove all the power of the monarchy, the next time round MP's might find they are swearing their allegiance to the British Empire instead.

Things could be worse, if we didn't keep Trident and pay to replace it we might not be able to force citizens of other planets that enter our airspace to join the Empire or face being nuked. Roll on IW1 (Intergalactic War 1), Sheffield Forgemasters needs a lucrative Government contract to survive, and what better way than to make British Empire Warships (of the interplanetary kind).