I am Leaning Towards Standing as an Independent

Having read a lot of information over the last few days, I am leaning closer to standing as an independent now. I don't agree 100% with any party's manifesto/policies and those I broadly agree with remove the ability to speak as an individual when working as a representative of the party/group.

I will be standing as an independent candidate because I believe it is the only true way to represent the majority of people in Watford. I believe in the following: The Bell Principles, The Brussels Declaration on Scientific Integrity, Don't Write Me Off Campaign, and The Power Pledge.

When someone believes in honesty, integrity, transparency, and democracy, they are able to listen to all opinions on an issue. I see no reason why someone cannot represent everyone in their constituency if they engage with those that have differing opinions on subjects. With the current technology available, it is possible for the content of local public meetings to be posted on the internet and those unable to attend such meetings are able to view what was discussed and add to the debate.

It is entirely feasible that given the right tools, local people would be able to reach a consensus on even controversial issues. Someone that is truly independent and impartial could take that consensus before Parliament and know they are truly representing all of their constituents. By making the local debates available online, it would allow all interested parties (including MPs from other constituencies) to add anything to the discussion not covered in the debate and possibly reach an even wider public consensus before it reaches Parliament. This would fill the gap between petitions and Bills, assuming the workings of such a system were agreed to by the majority.

One such worthwhile debate is whether we should have a law that allows constituents to recall their MP and force a by-election. There are obvious arguments to both sides of such a debate, and it is one such topic I would like to hold meetings on. Bringing the voting age down to 16 is another topic, as well as reforms of most public services. Issues that appear local such as our health services, transport, parks, Watford Market, allotments, housing,