Will I Beat My Previous Record?

The longest I have gone without a cigarette recently is 6 days. The longest I've gone since I started smoking was 6 weeks. Will my electronic cigarette help me break that record?

I've been a smoker for at least 6 years. Can't remember exactly when I started, but I know I was at college at the time. In that time I've attempted to stop smoking a few times, the most recent was about a year ago when I went for 6 days without a cigarette. The longest was 6 weeks when I worked at Sainsbury's.

In November I ordered an electronic cigarette (a DSE-901b from The Electronic Cigarette Company) and a few days after it arrived I ordered some refillable cartridges and e-liquid (High nicotine content, French Pipe flavour, 20ml) from same company.

The difference between the pre-filled cartridges and the e-liquid was noticeable. Although I was still smoking roll-ups, I was also using the e-cig. Having bought a small pouch of Golden Virginia instead of my usual large pouch, I decided that I'd enjoy a few days of smoking and then switch completely to the e-cig.

Three days later, at 6:00 on November 14th, 2008, I had my last roll-up.

After a few days of adjusting I realised that it probably wasn't the nicotine I had been addicted to. I was still getting nicotine yet I still had (and still have) cravings for a regular cigarette. My conclusion was that I was likely addicted to some of the additives added to the tobacco.

Although possible it is unlikely that it was the nicotine because if it was I should be using 1.0-1.5ml of e-liquid per day since that's the equivalent of 20-30 roll-ups. My French Pipe bottle is still half full, so my nicotine consumption is closer to 0.3-0.5ml e-liquid per day . On average, that's approximately 5 cigarettes a day (75-83% reduction).

I still have my (clean) ashtrays, cigarette papers, filter tips, lighters, and gas refill. I don't have any tobacco though, and haven't bought any since I switched. Will I make it to Friday morning without buying some baccy or cigarettes (or craving one so bad to ask a stranger for one)? Will I beat my previous record?

My lungs are cleaning themselves, my sense of smell is back (I'm sure I'm not supposed to like the smell of cigarette smoke though), my sense of taste has returned (Stilton and Wensleydale are now "yuk" instead of "hmmm"), among other changes.

I switched to save money, not quit smoking. For that reason, I believe I'll still class myself as a non-smoking smoker Friday (and beat my previous record).