“Microsoft Tech Support” Scam

Who can be calling me from the United States? A scammer claiming my computer is infected.

All Calls Are Recorded

As I have previously disclosed, all incoming calls go through my home server and Asterisk records every call.

My UK phone numbers are also registered with the Telephone Preference Service.

I am also a vulnerable person and for several months have not answered the phone to anyone.

But, when you see the caller ID listing +1 (989) 961-4986, and stating the number is from "MI, USA" (didn't know the iPhone did that), it can either be a company calling or a scammer.

Turns out it was a scammer, and as soon as I remembered what TPS stood for they hung up before I said "preference"—I never had the chance to mention that all calls are recorded.

I didn't string them along because I didn't have the energy, so here is the short call. It was received at 2015-05-28 10:30:52 UTC and lasted 62 seconds.

"Peter", from the "Microsoft Windows Service Center", say hello to the Web.