Poker Break

I am taking a week off playing poker. I lost 275 USD playing casino hold'em.

As of right now, I am taking a week off playing poker. I yet again failed at being able to control my gambling and lost 275 USD playing casino hold'em. That was money I worked hard to get and couldn't afford to lose.

I have reloaded my PKR account with 150 USD - already down 25 USD for the same reason - and because of this, I am not going to play poker for a week. Hiding the buttons isn't enough for me. :'(

I've done exactly the same thing I did at Titan, but this time on casino hold'em rather than blackjack.

If I am able to successfully control my gambling problem then I could continue my poker development and might actually be able to make a living from it. That's the long-term plan anyway.

Yes, I admit I have a gambling problem. Usually I am very self-controlled but I think the amount of poker I have been playing recently caused me to go over the edge. All the work taken to get my bankroll up to near 300 USD down the drain.

No more poker or anything poker related for a week. No irresponsible gambling for the rest of my life. It ends now. If after I come back I lose control and my PKR bankroll goes yet again, I will stop playing poker completely.

I wish these poker platforms had the option to remove the casino buttons completely from their software, not just hide them.