Playing at Titan

This morning I got a paysafecard from a nearby shop to deposit on Titan. Had I used my bank the charges and fees for a foreign currency transaction would have been 23.7%.

This morning I got a paysafecard from a nearby shop to deposit on Titan. Using my bank for foreign currency payments has become impossible because of their prohibitive charges - I bought some software yesterday using paypal. Had I used my bank the charge would have equated to 23.7%.

So, I deposited 10 GBP (13.20 USD) which has bumped my Titan bankroll up to $42.10. When Titan update their Pokerstrategy freeroll eligibility list in the next 72 hours I'll be able to register for the $10,000 freeroll. This deposit also means my bankroll is sufficient enough to play the $0.50 SNGs, and if I grind it up to $55 (not an unrealistic expectation) I can play the $1 SNGs.

Starting with the PLO freeroll on PKR, I finished 462/1468.

Titan SNGs

Next I switched to Titan for some $0.50 (Darwin) SNGs.

  1. Darwin, finished 6th.
  2. Darwin, finished 4th.
  3. Darwin, finished 6th.
  4. Darwin, finished 1st.
  5. Darwin, finished 3rd.
  6. Darwin, finished 5th.
  7. Darwin, finished 5th.
  8. Darwin, finished 1st.
  9. Darwin, finished 7th.
  10. Darwin, finished 1st.
  11. Darwin, finished 10th.
  12. Darwin, finished 6th.
  13. Darwin, finished 1st.

Normally I would quit playing at a poker room for the day if I don't cash in 3 SNGs in a row. Today - after not cashing in the first 3 - I carried on though. If I played 5 and didn't cash then I'd have quit playing on Titan for the day and gone back to PKR. In the game I finished 10th I made the major mistake of calling an all-in on the river when I knew my trips were probably beat. Continued playing but decided I'd call it a day if I made another bad play (tiredness ended the day instead though).

Despite the annoying advertisements on Titan, more hands are played per blind level in SNGs compared to PKR so it is better suited to sticking strictly to Pokerstrategy's starting hand charts. Being able to play more SNGs per hour means that not cashing in one SNG doesn't make me feel like I've wasted 90 minutes of my time.

When it gets to the bubble I can push when it's mathematically correct to do so, instead of trying to finish ITM and then aiming for 1st like I do on PKR. There's also more players and SNGs fill faster. This makes it less likely for me to be playing the same players every game. Playing more hands also means that it is more likely to suck-out on someone or have someone else suck-out on you.

I've lost with AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and AK today. I've also cracked AA, KK, QQ, AK, and AJ today. Beating AA with my 86s felt good, as did completing my back-door flush-draw against a flopped broadway straight (both all-in pre-flop).

At one SNG (my 8th) someone called me a psycho because I pushed with 99. So what if I lost the hand? The guy holding aces was short-stacked. It was the same guy that didn't like my pushing range whom ended up coming second when we were down to heads-up.

Today's Progress (Titan)

Progress Made Today in Poker
Start of Day$42.10
End of Day$45.30
Change+$3.20 (+7.6%)

So overall it wasn't a bad day. As I stated near the beginning of this post, my current bankroll building target on Titan is $55. Still a way to go, need to increase my bankroll by 21.4% to reach it. Although that may be my current target, I've also made mini-targets of $5 increments ($45, $50, $55).

A separate target I've set myself is to get my Titan ROI for Darwin ($0.50) SNGs above 0%. It's been hovering around -10% (at the end of today it was at -2.5%). There is the issue of the rake on these being 20% though. I've managed it on PKR with the $1 SNGs (where the rake is only 10%) but I can't see why I can't do it.