Freerolls and SNGs

Today I played several SNGs on Titan, as well as two freerolls on PKR and the Pokerstrategy Bronze freeroll on Titan.

Today I played several SNGs on Titan, as well as two freerolls on PKR and the Pokerstrategy Bronze freeroll on Titan.

I've registered for the weekly depositors freeroll on Titan for next Saturday which starts at 17:00 GMT. Hmmm... when does British Summer Time start? I still haven't been able to register for the Pokerstrategy $10,000 freeroll, although it hasn't been 72 hours since I deposited. If I'm unable to register tomorrow I'll have to contact Titan support.

At the moment I'm concentrating on building my Titan bankroll rather than my PKR one. The reason for this is three-fold:

  1. I am trying to build my bankroll up on Titan so I can earn more strategy points with pokerstrategy aiming to have enough lifetime points for an Elephant license (and a second starting capital if/when they offer it again).
  2. If I can play at the $1 SNG level comfortably, it will be easier for me to get to Pokerstrategy Silver status (and to maintain that status).
  3. There are more players on Titan and the software is faster, so I am able to play more SNGs. In theory I should also be able to build my bankroll faster on Titan too.

With silver status I'll also be able to access more articles, videos, and training sessions (including Omaha strategy).

Titan SNGs

  1. Darwin, finished 6th.
  2. Darwin, finished 2nd.
  3. Darwin, finished 2nd.
  4. Darwin, finished 7th.
  5. Darwin, finished 7th.
  6. Darwin, finished 9th.
  7. Darwin, finished 6th.
  8. Darwin, finished 8th.
  9. Darwin, finished 4th.

PKR PLO Freeroll

Finished 157/1736. Didn't have much chance finishing higher because my chips were down to 2BB. I did manage to stop making simple mistakes though, so that's a plus.

PKR Member Freeroll

This freeroll started during my 8th SNG on Titan. I needed to play my A Game in both the SNG and the tournament because losing the SNG would be the 5th in a row I didn't cash (which happened). The PKR Member freeroll tournament is only once a month, and it's a chance to increase my bankroll by placing high (same as the Pokerstrategy freeroll).

I had no decent starting hand for the first 45 minutes. Then I got AQo in middle position, pushed with my stack of 8BB and only got the blinds. With such a bad run of cards I finished 233/1126.

Pokerstrategy Bronze Freeroll (Titan)

This freeroll started a few minutes before I busted in the PKR Member one. I flopped a set during the second blind level, and I won a smallish pot because I bet near pot-size (there was a flush-draw out there).

The difference between the Pokerstrategy freeroll and the other ones I play, is that most Pokerstrategy members know how to play poker.

I succeeded in stealing a few blinds while the blinds were climbing up, and managed to increase my stack when my kings held up against queens. Holding pocket sevens I should have folded after a call from someone in early position, but I pushed and got lucky. Limper called and showed A6s, he hit an A on the flop, I hit my 7 on the turn. Couple of hands later I was in middle position with 77 again, pushed and got called and hit a 7 on the flop - he didn't improve.

With 278 players left I was ranked 100 (top 150 cash). I almost busted when my 33 came up against QQ - was down to less than 2BB and the next hand was my BB. Managed to split the next pot though, and then win the next two, so I was up to just under 5BB. Lost it in the end though, 166/1500. I was aiming for the final table anyway, the bottom of the payout table wasn't worth folding to the money.

I decided I'd play two more SNGs at Titan and then call it a day (9th and 10th in the section near the top). I started making bad decisions in the 9th SNG so decided to stop playing.

Today's Progress (Titan)

Progress Made Today in Titan Poker
Start of Day$47.80
End of Day$45.40
Change−$2.40 (−5.0%)

My requirement for moving up to the $1 SNGs is a bankroll of $55 but I haven't said at what point I have to move back to the $0.50 ones.

My rules for moving up a limit is to have at least 50 buy-ins for that level (including rake). I will drop down a level when I have less than 50 buy-ins for that level (excluding rake). In this case, I will move up when I have at least $55.00 and move back down if I have less than $50.00.

Today's Progress (PKR)

Progress Made Today in PKR Poker
BankrollPKR Points
Start of Day$128.5219,498
End of Day$128.5219,498
Change+$0.00 (+0.0%)+0 (+0.0%)