How to use my vCard on iDevices

A guide for iOS users to import my vCard to their devices.


If you are reading this, odds are you have received an e-mail about "Someone wishes to share a file folder with you." (if you aren't already signed up, the subject is "MEGA Invitation" at the time of writing).

Odds are, it is me that has shared a folder with you. The reason? Having thought of different ways of distributing my full contact details - from sending a vCard using iMessage/MMS to setting up an LDAP server - I have decided upon using MEGA and distributing them in a different way.

Distributing My Contact Details

So, this is how I do it.

  • Export my contact from iPhone and send it to my Gmail address.
  • Import my contact into Gmail Contacts.
  • Rearrange (using add and delete) everything so the best method of contacting me using that form of communication is first (e.g. my e-mail address before my address). I then correct the labels of any iOS generated data (e.g. changing "mobile" back to "iPhone").
  • I then export that contact as a vCard and go to, delete "John Cook" from my contacts, and import the vcf file downloaded from GMail.

How to Get My Latest Contact Details

Create a MEGA account following the link in the e-mail you received (currently requires using the desktop version of Google Chrome or a Chrome-based browser like Chromium). Note: an account activation link is sent to your e-mail address. Note 2: make your password strong and memorable - it is the master encryption key for your MEGA account, cannot be changed, and allows access to all files you upload or are shared with you (including my phone numbers) - at present there doesn't appear to be a way to wipe an account so you'd have to use a different e-mail address to register again if you forget your password.

Have a look at the files in the shared folder "John Cook's Info x" (where x is a number for future use). You want to download the latest John-Cook-YYYY-MM-DD.vcf file which should be just above a copy of what you are currently reading (readme.html).

After downloading, you have a couple of options for importing.

  • If you use iCloud for contacts, login in your web browser, select me (as in my contact details, not "me" as one by that name is probably you), click the wheel icon, choose delete. click the wheel icon, Import vCard..., select the John-Cook-YYYY-MM-DD.vcf file you downloaded, click the confirmation button of the dialog box (e.g. Open/OK). If I have been imported successfully, please delete the vcf file you downloaded just in case your machine ever gets compromised and my details stolen.
  • If you don't use iCloud for contacts, start iTunes and connect your iDevice. Import the vcf file to either Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. This method is potentially less secure due to the amount of malware trying to steal your contact lists from popular sites. Choose the relevant sync option and after doing any configuration (usernames/password?), click sync.
  • E-Mail the vcf file to an e-mail address on your iDevice. This method is potentially less secure unless you encrypt using S/MIME (and have the S/MIME certificate/profile also installed on your iDevice). Open the e-mail, click the vcf attachment, and import the contact.

Staying Up-To-Date

I will tweet when I update my vCard. You can also check the shared folder in MEGA and see if there is a newer vcf file. The instructions to update are identical to the above (or similar, depending on software changes).

Don't Have An iDevice?

If you don't have an iDevice, follow the instructions in the "How to Get My Latest Contact Details" section before the bullet points.

You now have the vcf file (vCard), so now all you have to do is Google how to import vCard on android (or whatever device/OS you are using).

Calling My iNum Number

Check the cost of calling Internet Numbers (+8835100) from your provider first. Some SIP providers like charge nothing. If you use Gmail (or a derivative like Sky Email) you can call me from your Contacts by importing the vcf file into Gmail (top left drop down, choose Contacts, More, Import..., Choose File, Import).

Now you can use Google Voice (or, for example, Sky Chat) to call me for free (or the cost of a bit of data) if you install the browser plugin. Just click my name in your contacts, and click the phone icon next to my iNum number, followed by clicking Call.

Calling My SIP-URIs

If you have a SIP client installed that can dial SIP-URIs, just click the sip: address (or groundwire: to send it to Groundwire, or asoftphone: to send it to Acrobits).

In Gmail (and possibly other e-mail/Contact list providers), hover over the sip: address and click the link icon that appears. It should open your SIP client and either enter the address or dial it.