John Cook - News

My name is John Cook and I live in Watford (the one in Hertfordshire/Herts), hence one of my online handles being WatfordJC (other handles include TheJC and JAWC).

The original aim of this website was to show where I stand on various issues as I was considering standing as an independent candidate for the 2010 General Election.

As I originally stated here, "In addition to the English Democrats Manifesto (Downloads), and external links to relevant information (Web Links), I will add information to this site where I feel there is a need. There is a category in the Articles area for where my opinion differs to the English Democrats Party's Manifesto position. Although I was originally considering standing as a PPC for the English Democrats as I agree with most of their manifesto, I would not accept a restriction on being able to give my personal opinion when asked.

"I have stated on this site where my opinions differ to the English Democrats manifesto. I also broadly agree with the Jury Team's Proposals and the Alliance for Democracy's Cornerstones, but I'm not 100% in agreement with either. My opinions of the manifestos and policies of the other parties are mixed."

I am currently formulating a plan to bring my whole online presence together and am thinking of using this site as the hub. Cross-posting might be an issue, however, if I don't find an adequate way of keeping things separate when I'm writing something that fluidly crosses from one area I have a dedicated blog for to another area where I have a dedicated website for.