Notice: (2009-03-12 22:39 UTC) Further to the previous announcement, editdns have now updated the zone records for the domain. Anyone previously experiencing errors accessing the sites should no longer have a problem.

Notice: (2009-03-12 19:23 UTC) Visitors to sub-domains of (mainly and may have been experiencing occasional errors (page/domain not found) over the last few hours.

I have just experienced this myself using Opera Mini on my phone and have been troubleshooting for the last hour to locate where the problem is.

It appears that (where I use their backup DNS service) are not currently able to update new domain records straight away. Instead, they check the master nameserver for the domain every hour to see if the serial has changed.

Because I forgot to change the serial when changing my sub-domains around yesterday their copy of my DNS records are out of sync.

I have now resolved this issue on my server and hope that will update their copy of the records in the next couple of hours. I don't think it will take longer than that as I don't believe ISPs cache non-existent domain responses.

Notice: (2008-08-16 22:00 UTC) This site may not display correctly in all browsers at present. This is because the stylesheets are being recreated from scratch and at present the site has only been tested with:

  • Opera 9.51 (Linux)
  • Opera Mini 4.1