John Cook

Hi, and welcome to John Cook's website. My previous website ( is no longer in use due to a major disagreement with the host - 1and1. Anyway, I'm living back in Watford now. Apologies to anyone that has been trying to contact me, but without having the internet at home I'm not on IRC or MSN as often, and e-mails won't have got through as I've changed e-mail address.

I've scrapped using a CMS and switched to a hand-coded site. I came to this decission because I rarely use the internet and had missed applying several security updates to the CMS system used by my sites.

About Me

Pretty much everything I know about computers I have taught myself - apart from some of the stuff I've learned in my previous jobs. I enjoy programming (mainly using Visual Basic) as well as creating websites using XHTML, HTML, XML, and CSS. I enjoy helping people with computer problems and have spent many hours on IRC helping others resolve their issues. The nicknames I use most often on IRC are TheJC and JAWC. Please people, protect your computer against hackers, spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, rootkits, and everthing else that infects computers. Just because a program claims it can protect you, do your research first rather than installing a rogue anti-spyware program because a website or pop-up "tells you" you're infected.

Further to the point above, I rarely use the internet these days because of health problems, so it is unlikely for you to get a response from me through any medium (IRC/E-mail/MSN) plus I no longer use a phone for the same reason.

My Computers

I've been using computers for the majority of my life - my first computer was a 386sx with 16mb RAM and a 40mb hard drive (about 10 years ago). Since then I've had a Compaq (never again - really bad airflow and upgrades are near impossible) and I've built two computers - one of which was stolen when I was living in Burnley and the one I currently use. I've had a VAIO laptop in the past, which broke down and Sony told me (although I'd only had it 4 months) that the repair would be out of warranty and cost more than a brand new computer. I avoid Sony like the plague now (should have learned after having a mini-disk player replaced 5 times).